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We would like to introduce you our new range of Hemp flowers grown indoor in Italy. These flowers characterize with high terpene profile and high CBD content. They are organic grow – no pesticides where used during grow .

Real pictures of our grow rooms in Italy :

Available hemp flowers strains:

Pictures and descriptions by Viking CBD Reviews

Gorilla Glue #4 Hemp Flower

TBBS GG#4 15% CBD 0.2% per gram.
Strong Earthy, Medium range Strength flower bud which packs Sour notes.

A dense bud with a good trichrome coverage,
The crisp cure doesn’t take away the resin pull.
Pulls apart nicely, bringing some very nice earthy sour floral notes.

Vaping at 185c in the Mighty dry herb vape, brings some very Terpy hits.
Floral dusty hits with lavender finish, after 4 medium hits it still gave a good final hit.

Effects, Soothing euphoria & relaxing body feel.

Great afternoon Flower, would go well with milky coffee or something warm & soothing.

AK 47 Hemp Flower

AK47 not only draws attention with its name, bringing a nice 16% CBD & 0.2% Thc content.

Opening the packaging releasing a flood of musky spicy terpene fragrances.
With its tall build it’s bustling with stickiness with a nice cure.
It gives a nice view, just very slightly with the pull of resinous lipids as they detach.
Unlocking the scent of so many earthy spices, ever so subtle sweetness.

In the mighty around 180-185c brought out some good terpenoid hits, bringing a sweet earthiness following with spicy notes on the tongue.

With TBBS’s new Italian grown Hemp flowers, it’s like going back to the original flower flavours!
So flavourful with the assortment of terpenes & well cured buds it’s fantastic.

Trim & curing on these are spot on, slightly dry for the flavour chasers but with these flowers it’s always best to grab them as they land.

I like this packaging but I’m always going to say “Pop tops” can’t be beat for distribution.

Tilt of the hat to TBBS for this one !

Recommend for mid day with something sweet to match the spicy terps, warm hot chocolate or a cloudy lemonade.

Cheese V1 Hemp Flowers

The V1 Cheese by TBBS

Slim flower with a very subtle terp profile from its smell.

A total of 17% CBD makes this a fairly modest strength bud.
The sticky, slender flower has a large coverage of trichomes & flicks of orange hairs.
All of which give off a sweet floral scent.

Pulled apart from this flower is tacky, but not too much that it sticks like the AK47 flower.
The cure is just on the crispy side but with at said it was perfect for just tearing apart to place in the mighty for some nice consistent hits.

Vaping at 180c to keep the terps coming through for each hit, some vapes may need more heat.

The floral musky hits just kept coming, with such a smooth flavour it was at the fourth hit before the flower started to fade into the standard earthy vape flower.
which was surprising, with a great relaxing effect & an uplifted calm.

Summary of this flower is another Italian wonder, however, lacking in the flavour compared to its brothers it’s a good flower choice if you fancy playing with liquid terps.

Would recommend this to those wanting to start out Hemp flowers, or creating Hemp products with Hemp flowers only.

White Widow Hemp Flowers

White Widow 16% CBD Flowers from the guys over at TBBS!

This little dense bud kept me company last week, With its mellow terpy hits its another Italian winner.

A nice mid-range level hemp flower with the most mellow soft flavour profile in terms of a hemp bud.

On inspection, it has got these dark green sections with faint orange feathers.
Sticky trichomes, with a good tack & cure.
That said the grinder was on my list of forgotten items.
So pulled apart it has a bit of terpy fragrance, sweet & earthy.

Cured well with a bit of crunch, which isn’t what I look for but I put it down to my well-used pop tops.

With some good hits in the Mighty at 180c, the flavour was pleasantly mellow with light woody inhale & light floral exhale which is definitely an all day vaping flower.
With its light fresh floral & woody hits, it would be a wake-up vape or smoke flower.

With a white coffee to match this White Widow, it is another Italian Indoor grown winner!..

Review by Viking CBD Reviews

As you can see there is loads to choose from! Check our shop page for more details!

One Love from TBBS Crew!

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