Proposals for Wholesale Flowers and Edibles

In our offer we have an option to buy products produced by The Brain Box Shop Ltd., such as hemp flowers, CBD edibles and hemp teas.

We currently have two options available for wholesale flowers:

Bulk buy – minimum order 1kg (mix of up to four strains).
Wholesale Start-Up – minimum order of 50g per strain with the option to pre-pack in 1g and 3.5g mylar bags, with a label containing your logo, name of the strain and all necessary dates and lot numbers.

We have a wide choice of strains available ranging from outdoor, greenhouse to premium indoor flowers!

Prices for hemp flowers start from £1,500 per kg.

CBD edibles available for wholesale :

At the moment we have a very strong-selling range of CBD edibles! To produce our edibles we always use whole plant extract pastes.

Vegan Chocolate Cookies (Sativa or Indica) – 50mg of CBD Sativa/Indica whole plant extract in each cookie. Pack of four cookies.

Vegan Choco Brownies – 40mg of CBD Hybrid whole plant extract per brownie.

Chocolate Stirrers (Dark or Milk) – 25mg of Sativa/Hybrid CBD whole plant extract per stirrer.

Vegan Choco Bears x7 – 10mg of Sativa whole plant extract per bear.

We also have five flavours of CBD hemp teas with a CBD content of 2%!

About to setup a new business?

We offer a pre-packaged service at the cost of 80p per gramme/pack.

This service can be offered across the board for all of our strains and edibles!

We have a graphic designer on-site and we can also offer custom labels for the packaging. All we ask for is your chosen logo and a basic idea for printing.

All packaging will take place in our 5* rated processing premises.

Every pack will have full traceability, batch codes and use by dates to make sure they meet all of Trading Standards’ requirements.

We try and turn all pre-packed orders around within two days but we advise you to get your order in at an the early part of the week.

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